Climate Smart Ventures (CSV), a Singapore-based advisory firm advancing a just, managed and commercially viable energy transition in Asia, is launching a year-long “Future of Transition Finance Initiative” to drive momentum for financing Asia’s shift from coal to clean energy.

The initiative aims to involve key stakeholders in Asia’s energy transition, such as power companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and think-tanks, to jointly explore methods for unlocking and expanding capital sources towards transforming Asia’s power sector and shifting reliance away from concessional funding, commonly seen in the region.

Figure 1: Concessional Capital Committed to Transition Coal in Asia Versus Capital Needed

Climate Smart Ventures, data as of March 2024

The initiative is comprised of XX parts:

The consultation paper, released in XXXX and available here, sets up the discussion for stakeholder engagement, presenting the following information:

  • Background and unique features of transition finance
  • Challenges that have limited the ability of transition finance to scale
  • Emerging solutions that are facilitating pathways forward
  • Examples of real transactions and novel approaches to build further momentum
  • Field questions on the future of transition finance


The consultation paper strives to be sufficiently comprehensive to start the conversation on scaling transition finance in Asia, but it serves more as a launchpad to gather and build more information and insights from stakeholders.

The workshop series will gather information from stakeholders, and the final report will share key findings from the discussions. The first workshop will be co-hosted with XYZ and take place in Singapore in July.

A key outcome goal of this initiative is to establish an incubation platform to mobilize first movers and first mover transactions.

Stakeholder collaboration

If your organization or company is interested in co-hosting a workshop this summer/autumn, participating in one-on-one consultations or small group meetings, ideating on an incubation platform, or simply learning more about the initiative and how you might get involved, please reach out to us at